My belief is that everything we need resides within us. However when we are up against a big challenge, transition, or decision, we can lose our way. That’s where I come in. I coach women in times of change, transition or questioning. I am a safe container to hold your fears and doubts while championing you to navigate change, grow and thrive. 

Why focus on women, particularly mothers?

 Motherhood rocked my world. From the moment I found out I was entering motherhood, I began to navigate change.  I found out that I was pregnant with twins. As a mother-to-be of two at once, my expectations of “how things would go” went out the window; from my birth plan to my career plan, everything changed the moment I saw two heartbeats.

Once I held those two tiny humans in my arms, I felt myself giving over every ounce of love and energy possible to these two new beings. The love was, and still is, indescribable. But I was challenged beyond belief to remain grounded in the face of so much change. It took a village of support, including a coach, to help me navigate this massive upheaval and new reality.

 And this is what brought me to coaching. I want to support mothers to (re)find themselves and be free of the noise, guilt and judgment that often comes along with their new identity. I want them to discover the new version of themselves: what they let go of and what grows in its place. I want to hold conversations that move away from old narratives and stories of what motherhood is/ looks like (from our mothers, from society, from our partners) and I want to support women in reclaiming themselves in the process.