As a coach, my focus is on asking questions and gently challenging clients to tap into their inner wisdom (or sage voice) in order to find the answers to their own questions and dilemmas. I bring to the table expertise in asking powerful questions, keeping us focused, confronting with kindness patterns or assumptions that have been made while keeping clients accountable to their focus through practices and follow up.

Hear From My Clients

“I started working with Kate when I was pregnant so that I could figure out how to keep my business flowing while stepping into motherhood. She helped me realized it's not about 'balance' in the sense that everything is given the same weight - it's more about making decisions in the moment based on my values. She helped me define my values and start to see them as my North Star, guiding me whenever I feel lost or had a decision to make. Her ability to listen and tease out threads of conversation not only made me feel safe and relaxed, but also reaffirmed our belief that I had what I needed all along ,we simply had to reveal and define it." (M.S)

"Kate is a skilled and compassionate coach who is authentically interested in helping her clients to move forward toward their dreams and goals. Coaching helped me to clarify my current situation, the blocks I was experiencing, and provided me with strategies for moving forward. Kate helped me to gain a deeper understanding of myself in the present and to create an inspiring image of where I wanted to be in the future. " (Y.A)

 “Coaching helped me define some personal priorities that I wanted to focus on.  It gave me a designated time to think about and talk about a few things that were important to me. It allowed me to temporarily block out all the other noise in my life that had been preventing me from really focusing on who I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing.  Coaching helped me to clarify what I wanted to accomplish, and why, and to set small goals that I could manage…she asked all the right questions that helped me find answers to my own questions.” (M.A)