I am Kate Love (yes that's my real name). I am a mama of twins, a  yin yoga devotee and the owner of Sage Coaching. I work with mamas  and mamas-to-be to navigate change, prioritize self-care and (re)connect with themselves.

Often when we are up against a big challenge, transition, or decision, we can lose our way.  And parenthood is arguably the biggest change of all! What I offer is clarity and space to process what’s going on, while also maintaining a level of accountability and support actions that keep you moving forward through times of change or uncertainty.

I work with mamas who are:

  • expecting or new mamas
  • making big decisions about returning to work, starting something new and balancing child care arrangements
  • navigating a new identity, or shedding an old one
  • looking for clarity on their values and purpose in life
  • stuck in an old pattern or way of being that is no longer serving them
  • burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed and tired of feeling this way
  • indecisive and feel paralyzed to move forward

I have completed Co-Active Coaches Training and am completing the Courageous Coaches Living Certification Program to become a certified coach.